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Contact Doctor - Consult Online (For Patients)

Digital Care Available Anytime Anywhere

This app assists you to quickly search for doctors by specialty , location, services and schedule an appointment for a video consultation (or) home visits. Also, you can do instant video consultation with the online doctors and get immediate opinions during a need. Additionally, the patients will be notified on broadcasts/sessions by specialists and can watch it live through this app. Lot more in the upcoming release. Stay tuned.

Download now to stay connected with the healthcare providers anytime / anywhere.

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Tele-Doctor (For Doctors)

Stay Digitally Connected With Patients

Get on-boarded in 2 minutes and start your video consultation with the patients instantly. A hybrid app enabling you to register, opt for the service channels ( Video consultation , Home care, Offline query response) along with preferences/information (availability, fee) through which you would like to stay connected with the patients.

You can never miss a consultation here because an automated regular phone call will act as a reminder and while answering the call, you will be placed in a video consultation with the patient instantly.

You can host a session instantly on any topic of your expertise and patients will be promptly notified about this session based on their interests and topics they are subscribed to. You can provide valuable inputs with your expertise during the session and stay connected.>

Download Tele-Doctor now to stay connected with the patients whenever / wherever in need

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