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Virtual assistant Available Anytime Anywhere

Agasthya, a virtual assistant at Contact Doctor Healthcare. This chat-bot will provide information about our services, locating our service providers, scheduling an appointment, tracking the status,. to our patients.
This bot is still in the learning stage. Please contribute towards its learning by interacting with it now.

Download Agasthya now to stay connected with us all the time for any support / assistance.

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Empowering patients in their own care

Smart app that empower patients to have complete control over their health, illness and the care process.
The current version is a PoC to test the flow and integration aspects of few standard/custom ML models using the live camera feed as input from the mobile phone before we start upgrading this app with our futuristic healthcare ML models that will equip patient with information to actively get involved in the care process

Download PatientMPower now to take control of your health.

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