Agasthya - Patient Bot Companion

A baby bot that stays connected with you round-the-clock

Effective communication is the key in a doctor - patient relationship. There can be many barriers to this including patient's anxiety and fear, doctor's burden of work, fear of litigation, fear of physical or verbal abuse, and unrealistic patient expectations.The ultimate objective of any doctor-patient communication is to improve the patient's health and medical care and more importantly in the way the patient understands and sees his/her recovery.Cure and a credible relationship starts with an effective communication between the patient and the service provider that includes attentive listening and empathy.

Agasthya is one of our key solutions towards addressing this communication barrier. This is a baby bot companion that keeps learning from its interactions with the patient.

This baby bot can assist the patients to

  • Know about the medical services,availability and also locate the nearest care providers registered with us
  • Schedule appointments for consultations
  • Appointments & Pill Reminders
  • Get medical reports / prescriptions
  • Personalized Health Tips based on previous illness history to stay prevented

Agasthya is one of our futuristic communication / service channel through which we would like to stay closer with the patients. We expect this bot to mature and provide more services along the line as our learning improves.

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Agasthya - How It Works

Agasthya, as a Voice bot is currently being tested. You can also join us in training our bot at (+1) 425-310-2949