Old-Age Home Health Plans

Care you can trust

We bring you the peace of mind with our flexible and wide-ranging choice of Health covers. Our health plans enable you to make choices that reflect both resident's health profile and budget, and they can be adjusted as required to meet your changing health needs @ any time.

Our Services

Our qualified General physicians / specialists will provide routine consultation and follow-ups for the elderly at the home for fixed hours on pre-specified weekdays. Staff and elderly can also avail lab and pharmacy discounts from our partners and door-step services of the same as well.
We recommend this service for old-aged homes who want their residents to have 24/7 access to qualified medical consultation for their everyday health requirements. Most non-emergency illness can be treated through Video/Phone-consultations with our doctors and also by posting offline health queries. If the doctor feels that a more detailed clinical examination is required, then we can arrange for a physician/specialist to visit the home.
Our preventive health packages and annual health examinations are tailored as per your residents's age and medical history. Only tests that are required for the specific individual are done, thus saving both time and money for the home and the resident. We also identify potential age-related health problems and align our treatment/tests towards preventing the same.
We provide ambulance Services along with trained para-medical staff to accompany till we move the resident to a near-by network/non-network hospital on medical emergencies.
We routinely organize seminars and health talks by our experienced panel of General physicians and specialists to home residents and as well provide in-house first-aid training to efficiently manage emergency situations.

Why Us ?

  • 350+ Platform Doctors across 30+ locations , 20+ Specialties
  • Hybrid Platform - Conventional Physical Touch Medical Services integrated with Tele-Medicinal Services
  • Anytime Platform Access to digitized medical records
  • Second Opinions made easy - Share your medical records with the specialists in the platform for quick second opinion / consultation / advice.
  • SPOC and integrated medical services @ Your Premises
  • Affordability through shared medical services model
  • Availability/Accessibility through our in-house visits and tele-medicinal/tele-consultation support services
  • Regular Health Education/Seminars by our doctors @ your premises
  • Branded and Credible Service Partners
  • Discounted pricing for associated medical services (Labs/Medicines) from our partners