Family / Individuals Health Plan

Stay Protected Round-the-clock

We have designed the individual health plans taking into consideration:

  • Children susceptible to frequent illness and in need of medical attention
  • Youth who are on frequent relocation due to study/job and in need of in-house medical services
  • Busy senior management executives whose erratic work-schedules deter them from being able to consult a physician as per their convenience and who are prone to lisfestyle-related illness
  • Elderly individuals with chronic illnesses that need frequent follow-up with a healthcare service provider

Our Family Health Plans

We understand the importance of taking care of the health needs of an entire family. We can provide the medical services to an entire family no matter where each of them reside.

We suggest our members to submit enquiry about a plan with the contact details to us so that we can call back to understand the exact needs, member health profiles and suggest a plan. Be rest assured that we will provide a suitable and cost-effective medical coverage based on your needs.

Available Plans