Consult A Doctor Online

Online Medical Consultation

Aimed at connecting virtually the doctor and the patient with a face-to-face meeting over the web.

  • Extend medical services/consultation online with primary focus towards under-developed and rural areas that lacks proper healthcare services/facilities.
  • Address Non-emergency situations where the need is for home remedy from the doctors/specialists.
  • Post operative care advices.
  • Any medical information or clarification that might be required.
  • Second opinion on ailments.
  • Discussing personal questions with doctors, for example: Sexual health conditions and problems or psychological problems

Consult A Doctor Online

Disclaimer – This service is not a substitute to consulting a doctor in the clinic or hospital. Medical advice asked and accepted on the Internet (without physically examining the patient) is at the patient’s own risk. Generally it is always advisable to get a physical examination of the patient while seeking medical advice.

Contact Doctor - Online Medical Consultation

Contact Doctor is a hybrid healthcare services platform integrating the conventional physical and the digital medical services to provide the benefit of convenience and best-in-class services online from the comfort of home.

We Provide

Preventive Care (Preventive Health Check-ups, Regular Health Monitoring by our Specialists/GPs)  , Corrective Care (Direct Consultations , Phone Consultations, Online Medical Consultations / Advices , Home Visits)  & Emergency Care (ICU On Wheels / Ambulance Services)

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