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A patient can quickly locate the nearest doctor in his/her locality and book an appointment for a direct consultation.

He/She can:

  • Search by City/Specialization/Doctor to view the doctor details and book an appointment online
  • Get notified with appointment status updates (Booking/Rescheduling/Cancellations) by eMail/SMS and also through our Chatbot

Booking Doctor Appointment

How It Works

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    Search Provider
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    Schedule Appointment
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    Visit to heal

  • Provide access to your location to our web / mobile / chatbot channels
  • Search for nearest provider (doctors / nurses / physiotherapists) from the map in the web / mobile apps.
  • Alternatively, get the information from chatbot by providing the radius
  • View the provider details
  • Select the provider

  • View the available timeslots of the selected provider on any date from the web /mobile app
  • Alternatively,get the earliest available timeslot for the selected provider from the chatbot
  • Schedule an appointment on the available slot through web / mobile / chatbot

  • Get notified on the status updates of the appointment
  • Visit the doctor at the hospital/ clinic. Present yourself atleast 10 minutes before the appointment time
  • Make the payment at the hospital / clinic after the treatment
  • Recover